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Coalition of 42 Crypto Firms Launches CMIC Academy, Bridging Knowledge Gaps and Crypto Market Integrity Education

17 November 2022

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The publicly available training program developed through an unprecedented collaborative effort by the crypto ecosystem spans across four key learning modules, setting the bar for market integrity education among crypto users, investors, regulators and compliance professionals.

NEW YORK, NY |The Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (“CMIC”), an industry-defining alliance and pledge comprised of 42 leading crypto firms, including Elwood Technologies, announced today the launch of CMIC Academy: A first-of-its kind training program developed through an unprecedented collaborative effort by the crypto ecosystem. The program covers the most pertinent topics every crypto stakeholder should know, as crowd-sourced from the industry and regulator. Spanning 4 modules, the program covers crypto and DeFi basics, market structure, risk mitigation concepts and tools, and regulatory considerations. The CMIC Academy is delivered by leading practitioners from a wide array of crypto and DeFi firms, as well as former regulators.

CMIC Academy answers the global call from regulators and the public for more training and educational resources to fill knowledge gaps regarding the quickly evolving digital asset industry. The program’s syllabus includes more than 30 on-line courses spanning key topics from the basics of digital assets to regulatory challenges and crypto-specific risks and manipulation typologies. Upon completion of the full training program and a set of quizzes, users will receive a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT.

“CMIC Academy is made by the crypto industry, for the crypto industry, as well as for regulators and the broad public looking to engage with digital assets safely, constructively and responsibly. Everyone who engages with this content can develop a strong foundation on this fast-evolving space,” said Kathy Kraninger, VP of Regulatory Affairs at Solidus Labs, the firm that initiated the formation of CMIC earlier this year. “Knowledge, training, education and awareness gaps have been flagged by regulators and advocates as key gaps to ensure wider and safer adoption, enabling crypto’s immense potential, while mitigating its risks. We’re thankful for the enthusiastic collaboration from CMIC members and the dedicated practitioners delivering the sessions – which made this important step towards greater market integrity possible.”

CMIC, launched in February 2022 by 17 co-founding exchanges, firms and industry associations and now counts 43 signatories, gives a unified voice to the crypto industry’s commitment to continually improving market integrity and collaboration with regulators. The coalition – which defines itself as a community of interest rather than an SRO – takes on initiatives that promote market integrity, address gaps identified by its signatories, and furthers engagement with regulators. In July, dozens of CMIC members met with SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce and CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham for a roundtable discussion on what responsible market participants can do to enhance crypto market integrity, what the biggest risks to the industry’s growth are, and how the industry can work with regulators to mitigate those risks.

For more information on CMIC and to apply to be a member, please visit:

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