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The Elwood Technologies story

18 January 2022

Head of Marketing
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We’re at a major turning point in the digital assets market. Institutional demand for this rising asset class is growing exponentially. Yet, existing cryptocurrency infrastructure is inefficient, cumbersome, illiquid, and incapable of handling the high-volume transactions that institutional investors require. If we’re serious about the future of digital assets, we need low latency, highly scalable institutional-grade infrastructure that makes it faster and easier for businesses to meet their digital asset needs.


Welcome to Elwood Technologies

Elwood Technologies cuts through this complex and hostile environment to allow institutional investors and businesses to access digital assets in a seamless and compliant way. Our robust XMS infrastructure has already handled tens of billions of dollars in trading volume and is powered by a real-time market data stream of 15 billion data points per day. 

We provide clients with superior execution and access to deep liquidity and connectivity through a single account API that connects to more than 30 exchanges, liquidity providers, and custodians. Distributed globally and infinitely scalable, our robust platform can easily include new exchanges and crypto markets at the click of a button. Clients can access the widest breadth of instruments, including spot, futures, perpetuals, and options, and effectively manage risk with our advanced PMS (Portfolio Management System).

Built from the ground up with institutional and regulated entities in mind, we ensure that businesses can meet their compliance burdens with invaluable tools, such as pre and post-trade, built directly into the platform interface. We also partner with regulated audited entities to ensure that client funds are secure and custodians are held to the highest regulatory scrutiny.

With a host of other advanced features allowing for some of the most creative trading and investment strategies possible, we’re building an agile and sustainable future for digital asset management. 


Who we are

Elwood Technologies has been designed by a team of passionate digital natives with years of experience in trading across the full spectrum of asset classes. We understand the exacting needs of institutional clients because we’ve been through the very same experiences—we were the client. 

We know how compliance committees work, and the types of reassurances that institutions need to fully benefit from the exciting world of digital assets where new opportunities abound every day. Way beyond Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), a far broader spectrum of digital assets is burgeoning, from decentralized finance (DeFi) to NFTs. We’re here to make access to these popular assets (and whatever comes next in this rapidly growing sector) easy, seamless, and compliant.

We’re not just here to help our customers profit from digital assets; we want to actively grow the category for all and remove existing limitations to create unimaginable opportunities. Everyone in our team shares this collaborative vision—from our engineers to our CEO—we hold ourselves accountable for shaping the future of this asset class.

We may come from the world of investment, but we’re a tech firm at heart. As a team of crypto natives, everything we do is designed around the needs of the sector, and never based on legacy thinking or retrofitting new models into old structures. 


Our heritage

The seed for Elwood Technologies was planted in 2017 by Alan Howard, one of the world’s most successful investors. Having co-founded the leading global alternative investment management platform, Brevan Howard, in 2002, Alan found his initial encounters connecting with cryptocurrency exchanges extremely frustrating. 

He saw an industry heavily designed around the needs of retail traders and exchanges with insufficient infrastructure to execute large orders. Accessing deeper liquidity and entering and exiting trades seamlessly required multiple trading software, APIs, and hundreds of hours of resources that most institutions weren’t willing or able to deploy.

Understanding the potential of cryptocurrencies, Alan wanted to bring the same high quality and best-in-class technology found in traditional investing to the world of digital assets. He wanted to eradicate these vast inefficiencies and lower the barriers to entry for institutions. So, he commissioned a team of the brightest talent in the space to develop Elwood Technologies. With tens of billions of dollars of trading volume already passed through our platform, Alan’s goal is finally complete.


Elwood Technologies timeline

Elwood’s XMS infrastructure was built to an institutional-grade standard, perfected over three years of professional usage, and is now being used by leading fintechs, asset managers, and FI clients. We’re seeing increasing demand for our platform and are looking forward to onboarding more clients from the traditional finance sector in the months ahead.

Achieving our potential 

Digital assets offer limitless potential. But without the connectivity and liquidity that institutions need to fully enter the space, the growth of this asset class will remain stunted. Elwood unlocks this potential for all, making it easier for financial institutions and investors to access the digital asset world in a compliant and seamless way. 

We’re pioneering the next wave of institutional adoption by building the infrastructure to mature, scale, and empower this new ecosystem. Where the sector can cope with exponential growth, new regulation is absorbed quickly and easily, and the whole world can trade simply, securely, and responsibly.

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